Italian raw materials, carefully selected and treated

                               THE MENU'

Salted rice with Castelmagno fondue and sautéed porcini Parmigiana of traditional purple eggplant gratin with piennolo tomato cream and purple basilScaloppa foie Gras flambata with Alba muscat and caramelized pearPalette of ofrmaggi r efschi efschi e seasoned, San Daniele ham, fine cured meats, Piacentina cup, pancakes, fried dumpling, olives, undervinegars, in oil and jams

Parmentier of leek and potatoes with truffle butter Pumpkin Mantovana, low-fat yogurt, ginger and macaroons La Ribollita chickpeas and spelt

Pasta and beans, Porcini rice and blueberries Risotto with Amarone, radicchio, zola and bacon Tonnarelli cacio carbonara with guanciale PDO d'Amatrice, organic eggs and pecorino of PienzaLumaconi al Amatriciana with guanciale P'Amatrice Spaghetti di Gragnano cream of tomato and basil
Millefoglie of lasagna with ricotta sauce Agnolotti and borage with butter and sage with fondue at Castelmagno

Our window on the sea
Saltmary-sautéed octopus, potatoes, olives and Linguine cherry tomatoes with clams Baked sea bass with potatoes and spinach
The simply grilled filefate Bardato with colonnaded lard and pink pepper Foie Gras and Demiglace with star anise Ai Porcini At 2 ancient senapi diijon To the balsamic vinegar PDO aged Modena and caramelized spring onions With gorgonzola and saffron walnuts Maremmano and champagne At the fondue of Castelmagno Scaloppato with porcini and potatoes At stroganoff

Duets Gourmet
Brazilian Picanha Entrecote, Thaibonet rice and fried potatoes Chicken morsels curry madras, venere rice and fried potatoes Stroganoff of beef fillet and mushrooms champignon Meatpettes, porcini and polenta Ossobuco veal and rice Milanese Pork Fillet cinta Senese, bared with colonnade lard and Brazilian cocoa beansCotoletta veal with Milanese Brasato beef with Nebbiolo and polenta

Our sauces and contours
Depending on the seasonality and availability: friggitelli, caponata, seasonal or grilled or agro vegetables, baked potatoes, puree, puntinelle...
Chimichurri Argentinian Tapenade with MarseilleS Old Mustard Green Sauce by DijonStroganoff with BelvedereFonduta of zola and Castelmagno To three nuggets of Seichan Aioli Demi-glaceBBQ Sauce

Fresh / light
Boves scottona magatello carpaccio with Romanoin artichoke in crudite and flakes of Grana PadanoTartare of fassona topped with oil evo hint of hazelnut, lemon and flakes of Grana PadanoGreek salad (feta, taggia olives, caramelized onions of Tropea and cucumbers) Artichoke salad, pear and Sardinian pecorino chicken salad, celery, seasonal mushrooms, Grana Padano

The sweet dessert
Valrhona chocolate fondue served with seasonal fruit x 2 old fashion cheesecake pers, cream and berries coulis Tiramis 4 classic Creme Caramel Parisian Sicilian cannolini d i Erice Pear cooked with mulled wine with cream cream Tarte tatin apples with cream ice cream

In order to protect our customers and in accordance with the current regulations, in order to ensure the best quality and respect for health regarding food intolerances and allergies, it is reported that the table and information about the presence of substances or products that cause them allergies and intolerances, are available by addressing our collaborators. Any food intolerances or allergies must be strictly and necessarily indicated before ordering.