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Settimo Senso 28 Menù


Pumpkin flowers • Parmigiana • Palette of fresh and aged cheeses, prosciutto San Daniele, salumi pregiati, coppa Piacentina, gnocco fritto (fried dumpling), olives, pickles, in oil • Crudité of Artichokes, pears & Pecorino Sardo • Tartare di Giovenca  (Heifer Tartare


Legumes & Stracchino • Mantovana Pumpkin, Low-fat Yogurt & Amaretti • Beetroot & Potatoes

Main Courses

Tripe • Risotto with Porcini & Blueberries • Risotto all'Amarone, Quark cream • Gourmet Carbonara in Parmesan nest • Fresh Tagliatelle produced by us with Duck Ragud • Gourmet Lasagna • Casoncelli alla Bergamasca

Plates of seafood


Prawn tail with Porcini mushrooms & crispy bacon  Sea bass Carpaccio with soncino & Grana flakes • Mussel soup

First Courses

Tagliolini with Shrimps & Pumpkin flowers • Paccheri di Mare with grated salted RicottaAgnolotti with Cuttlefish ink, Mazzara shrimp tartare & courgette wedges 

Second Courses

Sea bass with tomatoes, courgettes and almonds• Cod fillet on chickpea cream & grilled Polenta • Salmon fillet in Sesame crust & spicy seasonal vegetables

Duetti Gourmet

Entrecote with seasonal vegetables • Meatballs, Porcini mushrooms & Polenta • Ossobuco alla Milanese & rice • Milanese rice with Cotechino & Marrow • Cotoletta di vitello alla Milanese (Milanese Veal Cutlet) • Braised Beef of Fassona  with Nebbiolo Polenta • Cassoeula


Simply grilled  Barded with Speck & horseradish cream • With Porcini mushrooms • With old-style Dijon mustards • With aged PDO balsamic vinegar from Modena and caramelized spring onions Gorgonzola & walnuts • With Maremma saffron and champagne • With green pepper • Smoked by Settimo Senso • With Hazelnut butter • With Porcini head and salted eggnog • Fillet with mandarin sauce 


Seasonal fruits with ice cream • Classic Tiramisu • Creme Brulè • Settimo Senso Ice Cream with Hazelnut grains Mau cream 5° Peccato Capitale


In order to protect our customers and in accordance with the current regulations, in order to ensure the best quality and respect for health regarding food intolerances and allergies, it is reported that the table and information about the presence of substances or products that cause them allergies and intolerances, are available by addressing our collaborators. Any food intolerances or allergies must be strictly and necessarily indicated before ordering.

Executive Chef

Romar Tyrone Marzan